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When I started yoga at the age of 18, my classes (through the Triratna  community - then known as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order) were  free (contributory) and I could go according to my need and not ability to pay.


As yoga has become more popular it has also become expensive and  inaccessible to some. As a mother of 2 I've lamented that during times of stress when I most needed a class, I couldn't afford one.


Yoga is one of the greatest gifts for humanity, providing space to retune & heal the body, mind & spirit.


I am registered with the British Wheel of Yoga and I am committed to providing free yoga to those who need and want it & hope other teachers can join the trend. If you can afford a class, please contribute and help someone who can't.


Our yoga is grounded on the  discipline of Dana ( generosity-giving freely).

In a recent survey, students said that they valued the gifted classes more than bought classes (yoga4nurture, 2015).